Summer Luvin' Fest 2019 (Part 1)

Summer Luvin’ Fest will be coming to Long Beach, Ca in Shoreline Village June 15.

Free and all ages.

Interview with Tony (Part 1)

My name is Tony the one and only any other is most likely a phony. I helped start Peace Art.

Peace Art is a little organization that helps promote local artists, musicians and anybody with a creative passion and just hustling to make it happen for themselves with the hopes to inspire at least one person out there to do what they want, to think rational, act with passion but above all do what they want. We do that with a new show that we created on Instagram Live and YouTube. We have live performances and interviews with local bands and local artists, poets. We've had a great response so far, its pretty good…

Ray--Rayleane Martinez. She's dope as fuck shes my co-host for the shows. She  really helps me out a lot and then we have Anthony AKA "The Hook" because he makes some videos that will hook your ass in. Hes dope as fuck. Just about every video that we put out is him behind the camera. Shout out to Anthony "The Hook" and Raylene. No slogan yet. [HEARTY LAUGHTER] Yeah, she's cool as fuck. We love her.

How did you start this? Is there some sort of backstory to it or you just jumped in? 

Well, It was just one of those Rock Bottom moments in my life. I was still going to school. I was going to school for architecture. I thought that's what I wanted to do. I had a little bit of experience as a graphic designer already and I knew how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all that shit, but I never really did anything with it. I thought you needed like a degree to be a designer or artist -- my dumbass. I just decided to go back to school for architect and I was there for a while. I did almost a year until I got into a bad car accident with my brother and overnight I got into almost ten thousand dollars worth of debt because of that accident. And the very next day I was just thinking like fuck like what the fuck am I doing? Yeah this architect thing is cool, but I do not have time for this shit. I was barely on my year one at Community College. I was still planning on transferring five years later or something like that.

Here in Long Beach? 

Yeah, Long Beach City College.

It was bad so I just decided to start a brand or start a t-shirt company. Well first I decided to really hustle and get my art into like a coffee shop or something because as you know, I'm an artist I paint. So I try to get my art into  art galleries around here and coffee shops. In my neighborhood, north Long Beach, there were some new coffee shops that opened up and I got really excited. I was like, aw cool its like literally right next door. I could go present my art and I just had this picture in my head like, all right, like, everybody loves my art, right? You know? I've never had complaints. I've called them and tried to get in and they always gave me the same run around. They never said no, but they might as well have said no.

I'm sure this happens to a good amount of people. 

Yeah, exactly.

You have something that you want to show off...


Save the date!

…I quit the job that I had and just tried to hustle to get my art out there but it wasn't happening and I pretty much kept getting rejected. So then I called up my homie Marvin shout out to Marvin [CHUCKLES] not this Marvin. The homie Marvin really believed in my art and when I told him that I was trying to start a company and start doing something he said "yeah, I'm super down let's do it" and then he brought me back to earth like "so what do you have in mind? What do you want to start?"…

-Keep an eye for Part 2 of this interview with Tony Valdivia from PeaceArt -

Check out their GoFundMe to help support Summer Luvin' Fest 2019!
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