Summer Luvin' Fest 2019 (Part 2)




…I was like, I don't know man, what should we do? What can we do it? I know how to draw and paint and he's like, well, you could put your art on shirts, but you still need a brand and logo. You still need a way to market it. Nobody knows who you are.

For two days I stayed in my room just drawing up logos drawing up stupid names. Before PeaceArt I used to be a graffiti artist back in the day in high school so I was just getting into that habit of just tagging my logo but I couldn't come up with any name. I gave up like literally on the second day and I just was chilling on my bed on Instagram and at the time my Instagram name was PeaceArt based on my art. I always thought my art was just peaceful just chill shit and I was like, PeaceArt, that's pretty cool! Maybe I can do something with it. I fucked around with it and I used the traditional peace sign and instead of flipping it all the way I just end it here and make a "P". All of a sudden everything just fell into place. I was like holy shit, PeaceArt! I have a logo, it looks dope.

I hit up Marvin and was like hey, this is what we're going to do. PeaceArt is the named and we're going to put art on the shirts and the way we're going to market ourselves is we're going to put our shirts on; local bands, rappers, musicians, artists and when they get on stage they go out do whatever they want. People are going to be like that's a dope-ass shirt you're wearing I want to wear that and then they tag us and that's what we're going to do. And then he asked me, so what's our goal? We can't just be selling shirts and then it just hit me.

I grew up Christian going to church and ironically the one thing I learned from church was to do what I fucking want.

At church they always taught me the opposite. I don't know if you know the Church of First Baptist Church of Long Beach that big white building on 10th and Pine. I grew up going there and their biggest message that I always got was that I should never do what I want to do that it should always be what God wants me to do and when my mom would forced me to go to the youth services with all the kids my age they really thought they were going to turn me off from Rock and Roll by scaring me by playing Led Zeppelin backwards. It says Ohhh six six six blah blah blah, the devil blah blah blah and I'd be like that's kind of cool guys...

Aleister Crowley.jpg

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” -Aleister Crowley

They showed me how a lot of rock 'n roll guys were influenced by this one guy named Aleister Crowley and he had this philosophy that he came up with, it was in the 30s. He died 20 years before The Beatles came out and in the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album in the artwork you see this guy Aleister Crowley in the top right corner. Black Sabbath mentioned this guy and even to this day Kendrick Lamar has mentioned Aleister Crowley. Ab-Soul did a song with Mac Miller and they fucking start off, "You should do what thou wilt." That's where I got that from, this guy named Aleister Crowley. He pretty much grew up as a Christian and he was taught that you should never do what you want to do, you should always do what God tells you to do and he pretty much said no, I'm going to do what I want, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, think rational act with passion. Do what you want. Don't go out and fucking slap somebody and be an asshole. You want to start a blog? play guitar? Do what you want to fucking do. Don't do what your parents tell you to do because they're just projecting themselves onto you. To anybody--If you ever hear the words "you should do this, you should do that." You tell them "you should go to hell" because they're just telling you what they wish they can do if they were in your position, you know what I mean? So that's where our PeaceArt slogan came from.

I myself grew up literally until I was like 23 with the mindset that I should not be doing what I want like by the time I was 18, 19, I realized that I want to do what I want, but it was deep in my head that I bitched out on so many great opportunities, really great opportunities...



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