Donkey Island Penitentiary "Escape From..." EP

Can I just say? "Shoot You Down" is definitely my favorite song to listen to off this EP. This song is both a fun and catchy raw bluesy/rockabilly sound and ends the EP on a high and loud note. There is no doubt that this entire album vines off the blues, just with a louder punk tone and western vibes. "Run Away" is both punchy and catchy. "Just for You" brings on a darker tone to this set of songs. I cannot forget "Escape from D.I.P." which makes me picture a prison break, literally--or maybe I'm on my horse trying to cross the desert--you got to listen for yourself.  This will be Donkey Island Penitentiary's 2nd EP album release.

-P.S. Dave rocks a mean harmonica, trust me I've seen it live.

Donkey Island Penitentiary is: Dave Perea (Vocals/Harmonica), Alejandro Speranza(Vocals/Guitar), Miguel Vasquez(Bass), Vincent Perea(Drums)

From: Los Angeles, California