Mason Summit "Summer Cold"

             Mason Summit has released his 4th album Summer Cold this past week. Mason is singer songwriter from Santa Monica, CA and is currently a student at USC Thornton School of Music. Mason is known to take a DIY approach to recording and filming but is not shy in using studio time.  

             The first track "Almost Fell for It" reminds us on how we humans can make mistakes. Every day we are put in tempting situations whether it’s the first time or not, it leads to something. In this case Mason made a rock song out of it with a very catchy outro. "Take What I Can Get" is, for modern times, a Growlers-esque song with clever lyrics like "Not a seat at your table, but the gristle from your plate, what slivers you can spare, I'll appreciate." This song led me to listen to Ricky Nelson for the rest of the day. Songs "Voodoo Doll" & "Like Hell" bring on a melancholy tone to this album but does not change the poetic shape or feeling of these songs. Upon listening to "Catch and Release" I had flash backs of high school and middle school days when I was surfing Myspace for hours at a time in finding new and upcoming music. At that time I had found out about M. Ward which later followed up to Bright Eyes and the rest of Monsters of Folk. "Biting my Nails" drops to a more deep intimate level with Masons' chilling vocals and lyrics describing what could be personal experiences. The chorus in "Alone with You" without a doubt pays tribute to the great Brian Wilson and is one of my favorite songs in this album. Casu Marzu is rotten really I googled it. Possibly Masons' depiction of it. I think its a pretty snazy interlude. Masons' smooth vocals in "Summer Cold" and mesmerizing  sounds of "One Good Thing" set the mood of the album just right before heading into his first single "Stick it Out". Mason Summit is with out a doubt a talented and creative songwriter influenced by timeless sounds. 

Today Mason Summit's new music video premieres for "7th & Santa Fe"....Let us know what you think!

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